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Бойкот Платежей 🚫💰

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Присоединяюсь к бойкоту!!!


Присоединяюсь, никаких покупок! Скажите, а предыдущий бойкот дал результаты? Нас услышали?


Ирина🎶 написал(а):

Присоединяюсь, никаких покупок! Скажите, а предыдущий бойкот дал результаты? Нас услышали?

Перейди по ссылке,это о прошлом бойкоте и да,нас услышали!




Отредактировано Angelina (2018-03-06 23:19:50)


Присоединяюсь к бойкоту!


Присоединилась тоже))


Thank you for allowing me to join.
Please help us with the Boycott. We need to make Mystery Manor a better game; more rooms, new quests, better rewards and lower cost to purchase chests and diamonds.


Присоединюсь к бойкоту!


Thank you for the chance to express our frustration.  I support boycott and very much agree with your lists.  Things I would like to add to boycott list:

1. Quests that are mathematically possible. To have keys only available by banishing a snatchin (creature) that can give you 1 of 10 items and it requires 3 to 6 room searches to get item to banish creature does not make sense.  Odds of getting a key are too great.
2. Make items you get for charging collections more balanced.  Why have 10 collections give keys to 1 boss and no collections for another?
3. Return of quests that allow us to get items like Spring Aromas and Miracle of Christmas Artifacts that are no longer available.
4. Try to find ways to make things like arena battle more fair.  Sometimes the time lags in America make it impossible to fight.  We can be defeated before our screen even registers our first hit.
5. Furniture for other rooms like basement.  I think having 10 of every item on first floor is enough.  Let’s decorate new rooms.
6. Add more variety.  Same old guild events with same old prizes gets boring.  Same old everything has gotten very boring.
7. Finally please remember to use math and logic.  We don’t need 2,000 of one thing and 3 of another.  We are happy to spend when game is fun but will not spend on boring game.  Making items impossible to obtain by requiring too much work only equals frustration for player.  And giving us so many items we can no longer use does not make sense.


С вами!!! ✌🏻

Вы здесь » Загадочный дом - Кузнечик » Бойкот Платежей🚫💰 » Бойкот Платежей 🚫💰